Tool: Banana Guard


The banana guard is an invaluable tool to help protect vulnerable bananas from getting crushed in one's bag.


Translations: バナナガード, Bananų apsaugos, الموز الحرس, Banán stráž, Garda de banane, 바나나 가드, Banán stráž, בננה גארד, Банана гарде, Saging Guard, केले के रक्षक, Банан гвардії, 香蕉卫队, Банан гвардии, Бананите охрана


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Curt's picture

Is there also a sandwich guard, cookies guard and bag of potato chips guard?

Sheri Wetherell's picture

i love this banana guard. but curt is right, is there a sandwich guard? or cookie guard? i guess tupperware would do. or a kiddie lunchbox. but i love this banana guard.