Technique: Parboil


Process of partially cooking a food in boiling water. This can be done to accelerate the cooking process before using another method, such as roasting. It will also slow oxidation and help maintain the color of vegetables. It is also useful as a way to clean and remove or convert toxins in certain foods.


Translations: Applaucēt, Apšutinti, Opări, Popariti, Luộc, Sparzyć, Blancheren, जलाना, Escaldar, Перегревать, Μισοβράζω, سلق, 반숙으로하다, Předvařit, Memasak setengah matang, Sangkutsahin, 胹, Sancocho, Kuhati, Předvařit, Sbollentare, לבשל חלקית, FÖRVÄLLA, Делимично скувати, 湯通しする, Blanchir, Ankochen, Blanchere, Halvkoke, Sancochar, Перегрівати, Kiehauttaa, Подварявам




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