Technique: Molecular Gastronomy


A scientific and artistic discipline that investigates the chemical and physical transformation of food during the cooking process. The three areas of investigation in modern molecular gastronomy are:

1. The social phenomena linked to culinary activity
2. The artistic component of culinary activity
3. The technical component of culinary activity

Some examples of this type of gastronomy is the study of how the temperature effects the outcome of an egg.

A couple of restaurants that have pioneered the use of molecular gastronomy techniques are El Bulli (in Spain) and Alinea (in Chicago).

Some chefs associated with molecular gastronomy are: Pierre Gagnaire, Ferran Adrià, Jose Andres,Heston Blumenthal, Homaro Cantu, Wylie Dufresne, Grant Achatz, Sat Bains, Sean Wilkinson, Richard Blais, Kevin Sousa, Sean Brock, Will Goldfarb, Adam Melonas


Other names: Culinary Constructivism, Progressive Cuisine, Molecular Cuisine, Nueva Cocina, Modern Cuisine, Molecular Cooking, Experimental Cuisine, Techno-Emotional Cuisine, Avant-Garde Cuisine, New Cuisine
Translations: Molekulārā Gastronomija, Molekulinė tema, Moleculară Gastronomie, Molekularna Gastronomija, Phân tử Ẩm thực, Kuchnia molekularna, Moleculaire Gastronomie, आण्विक दिव्य भोजन, Gastronomia Molecular, Молекулярная гастрономия, Μοριακής Γαστρονομίας, فن الطهو الجزيئي, 분자 요리법, Molekulární gastronomie, Gastronomi molekuler, Molekular Gastronomy, 分子美食, Gastronomia molecular, Molekularne Kulinarika, Molekulárna gastronómia, Gastronomia molecolare, גסטרונומיה מולקולרית, Molekylär gastronomi, Молекуларна Политика, 分子料理法, Gastronomie moléculaire, Molekulare Gastronomie, Molekylær Gastronomi, Molekylær Gastronomi, Gastronomía Molecular, Молекулярна гастрономія, Molekyyligastronomia, Молекулярна гастрономия



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