Technique: Brining


Process of soaking meat in a solution of water, salt and sometimes sugar prior to cooking. This process changes the molecular structure of the meat causing it to become more tender, and retain more moisture and flavoring. Brining takes anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days and is good way to enhance chicken, turkey, and lean cuts of pork.


Other names: Brined, Brine
Translations: Sadedzināšana, Ba, Sărare, Salamurenje, Xông, Wnoszenia, Pekelen, Salga, Воспитание, Εμβάπτιση σε άλμη, استقدام, Solném láku, 布里宁, Salmorra, Razsoljevanjem, Soľnej nálevom, Salagione, Saltning, Довођење, ブリニング, Saumurage, Räucherlauge, Behandling med saltlage, Salmuera, Виховання, Suolavedellä, Потапяне в саламура



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