Technique: Pan Frying


A cooking technique used to cook food in a moderate amount of fat in an uncovered pan on medium to low heat. This method is preferred over sauteing for larger pieces of food such as chicken and lamb chops, which require longer cooking and cannot be tossed by flipping the pan.

The amount of fat to be used when Pan-frying is largely dependent on the food to be cooked. Pan fried eggs would require less fat than pan fried chicken. Foods that are pan fried are often put in the oven to finish cooking.


Other names: Pan Fry, Pan Fried
Translations: Pan Cepamā, Visos Kepimui, Pan fritura, Pan prženje, Frying Pan, Patelni, Pan Frituren, कड़ाही, Frigideira, Пан Сковорода, Pan Τηγάνισμα, مقلاة القلي, 프라이팬, Pan smažení, Пан пржење, Pan Pagprito, 油炸锅, Paella, Pan cvrtje, Pán smaženie, Padella, במחבת, Pan Stekning, Pan Goreng, フライパン, Poêle à frire, Frying Pan, Pan Stegning, Pan Steking, Sartén, Пан Сковорода, Pan Paistaminen, Пан пържене




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