Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Hamburger


2 lbs ground beef – for healthier burgers use lean ground beef, for something a bit greasier and more traditional go with the 80/20
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp rub – I use my own you should use whatever you like
2 Tbsp hot sauce – again one of your choosing
4 slices bacon – cut into chunks and cooked until crisp
4 oz’s white cheddar cheese – grated
6 Hamburger Buns


Add ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, rub and hot sauce to a bowl.
Mix all ingredients well. Try to use your finger tips and not squeeze the meat as this will overwork the meat and you will end up with dry burgers.
Break the mixture into 6 equal parts. This recipe is going to make six burgers total.
Take one of your 6 portions and break it in 1/2. Lay the first half in the bottom of a burger press and push it flat.
Place cheddar cheese and bacon on the burger, leaving it in the press. Leave a little space between the edge of the meat and your toppings, do not put the toppings all the way to the edge.
Flatten out the second half of the meat portion using your fingers. Lay over the stuffing and press along the edges to seel in the stuffing.
Use the hamburger press to shape the burger into a patty and place on a clean plate.
Finish the other 5 burgers and go prep your grill.
Get a nice hot grill going. Lay your burgers on the grill and let them site for 3 minutes. Give them a 1/4 turn and let sit for 1 more minute then flip. Let cook for an additional 3 minutes and pull them. The burgers should be medium, juicy and ready to eat.
Serve on your favorite roll with grilled asparagus or tater tots.


One of the things that says summer best is pretty much anything on the grill. Hamburgers are probably at the top of almost anyone’s list when it comes to what you eat at a barbecue. What makes a burger better? Season the meat then Stuff it with delicious cheddar and crisp bacon.

I got this idea when I saw a link to The Ultimate Stuffed Burger on facebook. This is my spin on Tips for BBQ’s amazing creation. Want to see how I put these beautys together? Take a look.

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Recipe for thick and juicy bacon cheddar stuffed hamburgers. Perfect for any summer get together, backyard barbeque or just a weekday meal with the family.


6 Burgers


Friday, June 22, 2012 - 11:17am


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