Spicy Garlic Shrimp Barbequed Pizza


2 balls pizza dough
1/4 cup spicy quick sauce
2 tsp olive oil
1/2 pound garlic shrimp (recipe below)
4 oz emmental cheese - grated
2 Tbsp romano cheese - grated
Shrimp Topping
1/2 pound shrimp - cleaned, deveined and peeled
2 cloves garlic - grated or crushed
2 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Take 2 balls of dough out of your refrigerator and put on a lightly floured surface.
Using your finger tips pull and flatten the dough into a 1/2 inch thick round.
Cover and let rest for at least 2 hours before you are ready to cook.
In the meantime prepare your shrimp. Chop shrimp and season with salt and pepper.
Put olive oil in a heavy bottomed pan over medium high heat. Get oil nice and hot.
Add shrimp and garlic to the pan.
Turn the shrimp with a spatula to make sure that the shrimp gets coated in the garlic. Cook until just pink.
Remove to a plate and wait to use for your topping.
Pull pizza dough into a rough round approximately 12 inches in diameter. Place on a lightly floured pizza peel.
Brush lightly with oil.
Get your coals nice and hot. You want a single layer of coals covered in white ash in the bottom of your grill. For my 22" kettle grill this means roughly 80% of my charcoal chimney is filled. You want the fire hot but not scorching. It's a delicate balance which you will need to get a feel for.
Make sure that your cooking grate is clean and lightly oiled. Flip your dough off the pizza peel right onto the grates. When it starts to bubble check the under side. If the dough is browned or even lightly charred you are ready to take it off.
Using your pizza peel and possibly some tongs remove your dough from the grill. Make sure that the cooked side is up.
Add your sauce to the pizza dough. You don't want to add too much. If you can still see the dough through the sauce in some spots you are good.
Put down your cheese in a single layer.
Add the romano and shrimp. Now your pizza is ready to go back on the grill.
Put on the grill and cover. Check after the first 2 minutes and keep your eye on the pizza every 30 seconds after that. Pull just as soon as your cheese is melted and your dough is golden. A little char is a good thing, all black is bad.
Put onto a cutting board and cut into 8 slices.
Serve away.
Recipe originally published with full photo tutorial at http://sourdoughusa.com/?p=1263


Since I've started making pizza from scratch I've been playing around with many different toppings and types of pizza, usually focusing around the Neapolitan style or "round" pizza. Why not try combining two of my loves, love of pizza and love of barbecue? I've had pulled pork on pizza before, now lets try cooking the pizza on a grill. With a little trial and error I was able to get it to come out great. It's crispy and thin with just a bit of char and has the added bonus of not heating up the house when cooking.

Other Names:

Recipe for barbequed pizza with spicy sauce and garlic shrimp as a topping.


2 pizzas - 4 servings


Monday, July 2, 2012 - 3:14pm


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