The Mickey Spillane


1 splash Aperol
1/4 ounce Punt e Mes sweet red vermouth
1 sugar cube
1 dash Pechaud bitters


Put a sugar cube in a lowball glass
Add a few drops of bitters until saturated.
Add a splash of Aperol and muddle at the bottom of the glass.
Fill glass with ice
Add 2 1/2 oz Tullamore Dew whisky and 1/4 oz of Punt e Mes.
Stir well with a cocktail spoon until sugar fully is dissolved.
Garnish with a twist of orange.


After many failed experiments over the course of several weeks, during which I selflessly followed the path set by Edward Jenner and used myself as a guinea pig, I have finally perfected my homemade cocktail recipe (which is a variation on the Old Fashioned and Manhattan whiskey-based cocktails). In the spirit of friendship and altruism that is common to all alcoholics, I have decided to make the world a better place and share it here so that everyone may enjoy it

Due to the combination of Italian liqueurs and Irish whisky, I decided to call this The Mickey Spillane (after the Hell's Kitchen mobster, not the novelist).

Substitutions, if you are in a pinch:

If you don't have Tullamore Dew, use Powers or Bushmills
If you don't have Punt e Mes, use Martini e Rossi red vermouth
If you don't have Aperol, use Campari


1 servings


Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 3:29pm

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