Crispy Wakame Prawn Omelette


5 Eggs
10 medium Prawns (shelled and deveined)
3 strands of Nori Wakame
1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ tsp Salt
Dash of Pepper
Marinade for Prawns:
Dash of pepper and salt


Rinse wakame for about 5 - 6 times to reduce saltiness. You don't need a lot of wakame since they expand during the rinse and cooking, just about 3 strands will do. Cut up the seaweed and set aside.
Beat eggs with wakame together with the seasonings until you can see bubbles forming.
Grease Happy Call Pan with oil and sautéed garlic till fragrant. Add prawns and stir-fry till they're about half-cooked. Dish them up and set aside.
Pour egg mixture into HCP and throw in prawns. Cover lid and cook on low fire for about 1 min. To achieve a crispy result on the outside while maintaining the fluffiness inside, it is important to use low heat.
Flip pan over, open to check ensuring egg is still intact. Close it back and cook for another min or till golden brown. Adjust timing according to how brown and crispy you like your omelette to be.
Cut omelette into slices and you're ready to serve your delicious Crispy Wakame Prawn Omelette!


Wakame, a sea vegetable or edible seaweed with a slippery texture, is often found in Japanese cuisines. The seaweed is not only tasty with very high nutritional values, it's also extremely low in calorie and minimal in fat.


Friday, August 8, 2014 - 1:17am


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