Seasoned with dark, sometimes provacative humor, my blog, Goreyhaus, fuses a few of my passions - food, horror and music - with my own recipes to (hopefully) entertain and make you hungry. As a rockin', wicked kitchen-vixen, I like to serve up culinary concepts with hearty sides of supernatural silliness and double-entendres - all sprinkled with an altrock sensibility.

Scary laughs and saucy innuendoes aside, I take food seriously. From healthy, easy-to-prepare dishes to updates of classic recipes to an occasional post on food-related issues like sustainability, local sourcing and environmentally-sound practices, I like to offer practical info that's fun yet useful.

Although I've taken many frightening forms over the years, I now live in a state of self-imposed semi-exile with my gargoyles and a huge beast named Odin. Things I cannot live without - garlic, lemons, chili peppers, cheese, tomatoes, thrills & sarcasm.



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