Mung Bean Sprouts


Often stir fried or eaten in salads.
Mung beans are mainly cultivated in India, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Burma, and Bangladesh, but also in hot and dry regions of South Europe and Southern USA.


Other names: Bean Sprouts
Translations: Mung Bean kāposti, Spindulinė pupelių daigų, Muguri de fasole mung, Mung klice, Mung Bean sprouts, Kiełki fasoli mung, अंकुरित फलियां Mung, Мунг ростки фасоли, Mung νεαροί βλαστοί φασολιών, مونج براعم الفاصوليا, 콩나물을 Mung, Mung fazolkami, Bean Sprouts hijau, 绿豆芽, Brots de fesol, Mung Klice, Mung fazuľkami, Mung germogli di soia, נבטי שעועית מונג, Mung böngroddar, Мунг боранија, もやしをヤエナリ, Les germes d'ambérique, Mung bønnespirer, Mung bønnespirer, Brotes de frijol, Мунг паростки квасолі, Mung pavunidut, Мунг бобови кълнове



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