Nasturtiums are gorgeous plants with edible stems and flowers that are ideal for salads, sandwiches or used as a garnish for a variety of dishes. Their flavor is similar to the peppery quality of watercress, but much sweeter. They are high in vitamin C.  Some people have stuffed them with goat cheese or made herbal vinegars with them.


Other names: India Cress
Translations: Kreses, Nasturta, Călţunaş, Potočarka, Nasturcja, Oostindische kers, नस्टाशयम, Chagas, Настурция, Νεροκάρδαμο, الكبوسين أبو خنجر, 한련, Nastursiyum, 焊菜属的植物, Caputxina, Nasturzio, כובע הנזיר, Krasse, Поточарка, キンレンカ, Capucine, Kapuzinerkresse, Capuchina, Настурція, Koristekrassi, Латинка

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