lump crab meat


Crab meat that has been picked from the shell. Often sold by weight, sometimes canned.


Other names: Crabmeat, Crab Meat

Physical Description

Colors: Red, White

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Briny, Sweet
Mouthfeel: A bit spongy, Can be stringy
Food complements: Lemon, Butter, Cayenne pepper, Dill
Wine complements: Reisling, Gevurztraminer
Beverage complements: Beer
Substitutes: Surimi

Selecting and Buying

Procuring: Crab traps should be baited with fresh raw fish heads, chicken necks/backs or canned tuna.

The trap should be set on the bottom of the ocean, about 30 feet in depth. The line should have a float attached to it so you don't lose the trap and you should make sure to leave enough to allow for rising tide.

Crabs travel with the tide... check your trap every couple of hours and make sure to only keep the males and check the size... your area will have its own rules. Make sure you know them.

Preparation and Use

Cleaning: Break the live crab in half and discard the innards, keeping only the shoulder with legs attached. Rinse in clean sea water.

Conserving and Storing

The freshly cleaned crab should be cooked immediately. Steaming/boiling is best, BBQ is an alternative method but the meat is somewhat drier.

Allow to cool a bit before picking the meat with small forks. You can usually break the legs with your hands but nut crackers or crab crackers can be used.

Then you can refrigerate or freeze the meat if you will not eat it right away.

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