A citrus-like fruit with edible skin belonging to the "fortunella" variety, similar in appearance to the orange, but oval and much smaller. Kumquats have a sweet, orange colored outer skin and a tangy flesh. This fruit can be eaten whole and raw, though some prefer to only eat the skin.


Translations: Κουμκουάτ, برتقال ذهبي, キンカン, 금귤, Quất, Kumkwat, Кумкват, Buah Kumquat, Fortunella, Taronja xinesa, Кумкват, 金橘, Наранџа-патуљаста, Naranja china

Physical Description

Kumquats are small mouthsize, oblong oranges

Colors: bright orange

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet, tart, bitter
Mouthfeel: Crunchy, Crisp, Juicy
Substitutes: Tangerine, Minneola

Preparation and Use

Cleaning: rinse and eat



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