Bartlett Pear


This is a large and juicy yellowish pear. It is also known as the Williams pear. It is considered a summer pear and it is often eaten raw. It is the pear of choice for canning or other processed pear uses. When baked in the oven it holds up its shape quite well. The majority of pears grown in the United States come from the Wenatchee Valley in Washington State.


Translations: Bartlett Bumbieru, Bartlett kriaušės, Bartlett Kruška, Bartlett नाशपाती, Бартлетт Пэр, Bartlett Αχλάδι, بارتليت الكمثرى, 바틀 배, Bartlett Hruška, Pear Bartlett, Bartlett peras, 巴特利特梨, Pera Bartlett, Bartlett Hruška, בארטלט אגס, Бартлет Крушка, バートレット梨, Poires Bartlett, Bartlett Birne, Bartlett Pære, Pera Bartlett, Бартлетт Пер, Bartlett Päärynä, Бартлет круша



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