Roditis Grape


Roditis grapes are rosé colored grapes primarily grown in certain regions of Greece that are used to make Greek wines. Light, white wines are produced from these grapes, which have a pleasant citrus flavor.


Translations: Roditis Vynuogių, Roditis de struguri, Roditis Grožđe, Roditis nho, Roditis winogron, Roditis अंगूर, Roditis Uva, Roditis Виноград, Ροδίτης Σταφύλι, Roditis العنب, Roditis 포도, Roditis ng ubas, 罗迪蒂斯葡萄, Roditis de uva, Roditis Uva, Roditis ענבים, Родитис грожђа, Roditisグレープ, Roditis raisin, Roditis de raïm, Roditis Виноград, Roditis Гроздова

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