Wild Coho Salmon


The Wild Pacific Coho Salmon , also known as the Silver Salmon or Medium Red is found throught the coastal waters of Alaska, British Columbia and up most clear-running streams and rivers.

Coho Salmon have silver sides, and dark blue backs. They change colors and appearance when spawning. Their jaws and teeth become hooked and they develop bright red sides and bluish green heads and backs.

Wild Coho has a moderate to high amount of fat which makes it perfect for grilling or broiling.


Other names: Coho Salmon, Silver Salmon, Medium Red
Translations: Savvaļas Coho Salmon, Laukiniai Coho Lašiša, Wild Salmon Coho, Wild srebrni losos, Wild kiżucz, Wild cohozalm, जंगली सामन Coho, Wild Salmon Coho, Дикие кижуч, Άγρια σολομός coho, سمك السلمون البرية كوهو, 와일드 Coho 연어, Divoké kisuč, Coho Wild Salmon, 野生银大马哈鱼, Salvatge Salmó Coho, Wild coho Salmon, Divoké strieborný, Wild salmone argentato, הפרוע Coho שלמון, Wild Coho Lax, Уилд салмон Цохо, ワイルドコーホーサーモン, Wild saumon coho, Salvaje Salmón Coho, Дикі кижуча, Wild Coho Lohi, Дивата сьомга Coho



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