Chinese Cabbage


Green leafy vegetable with elongated light green heads and broad, white center ribs. Chinese cabbage is tender but crisp with a mild cabbage flavor and slight bitter taste. This vegetable is a great addition to any mixed green salad or stir fry, and is used extensively in Chinese cooking. Chopped Chinese cabbage may also used with grounded pork and/or beef in some dumpling recipes.


Other names: Nappa Cabbage, hakusai, Pe-Tsai, Celery Cabbage
Translations: Ķīnas kāposti, Kininiai kopūstai, Varză chinezească, Kineski kupus, Cải bắp Trung Quốc, Chiński kapusta, Chinese kool, चीनी गोभी, Repolho chinês, Китайская капуста, Κινέζικο λάχανο, الملفوف الصيني, 배추, Čínské zelí, Kubis Cina, Intsik repolyo, 大白菜, Cabdell Xinès, Kitajsko zelje, Čínskej kapusty, Cavoli cinesi, כרוב סיני, Kinakål, Кинески купус, 中国キャベツ, Chou chinois, Chinakohl, Kinakål, Kinakål, Repollo Chino, Китайська капуста, Kiinankaali, Китайско зеле



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