Red Currant


Red currants may be used fresh in tarts, pies, jams, preserves, and used as an alternative to traditional cranberry sauce. Redcurrants contain vitamin C, iron, potassium and fiber. They are good for the immune system and the antiseptic properties of redcurrant jelly make it an effective treatment of minor burns - after cooling the affected area with cold water.


Other names: Johannisbeeren (German)
Translations: Jāņogu, Raudonųjų serbentų, Coacăz roşu, Crveni ribiz, Czerwona porzeczka, Rode bes, लाल Currant, Groselha vermelha, Красная смородина, Red σταφίδας, الكشمش الأحمر, 붉은 건포도, Červený rybíz, Kismis merah, Red kurant, 雷德柯伦特, Grosella, Červené ríbezle, Di ribes rosso, אדום צימוקים, Röda vinbär, Црвена рибизла, アカフサスグリ, Groseille, Rote Johannisbeere, Ribs, Grosella, Червона смородина, Punaherukka, Френско грозде

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Schwarze johannisbeeren



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