Elderberry is FDA's Latest "Contraband"

June 7, 2011

For thousands of years humans have used elderberry to fight colds and flus. Plenty of research shows that it's is a potent anti-viral herb. Even so, due to limitations of what supplement companies are allowed to claim, Kansas City based, Wyldewood Cellars Inc. are being treated like criminals by the FDA. U.S. marshals seized their elderberry juice products for the FDA based on claims that Wyldewood is promoting and distributing their products as drugs.

Between the attack on raw milk and now on this beneficial herb with proven health benefits, it seems that the FDA is out of control.

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sally's picture

I'm not sure that picture is actually elderberry. When ripe, elderberries have a white powdery coating. The berries that *look* like elderberries but do not have a powdery coating are poisonous. Just FYI. And I will not be telling any gov't officials where I pick mine in the fall, nor that I brew my own "medicinal" concoctions.... hahaha

Diane's picture

Hi Sally, These indeed are elderberries. I have been familiar with them since age 10 and I'm now nearly 60. If you have a white film on them, it's a fungus called powdery mildew.

The FDA: They used to be a useful org. and have now only become those out assisting Big Pharm and have no interest in the safety of people as exhibited by what they do allow in our foods, which I believe is one of the causes of our increased cancer problem. Just my opinion.

Diane's picture

Are you maybe thinking of the blue elderberry? Correction in my statement that if you have a white film on LEAVES, it's a fungus called powdery mildew. Always be sure to never use any other part of the plant - leaves or stems as they can be poisonous. I actually from time to time get some berries with a white film on them and do not know the cause and so discard them. In a google image search I can't find any photos with this white film. If you know of a website I can look at about a white film on the berries, I'd be interested because I can'r seem to find anything - thank you!