6 Quick and Easy Sauces For Chicken

September 30, 2011

We Americans have a love affair with chicken. In fact, each year we eat an average of about 60 lbs. per person of the bird! It's no wonder chicken is consistently one of the top searches on food sites - clearly we're all looking for tasty ways to dress up our feathered friend.

Below are some of my favorite sauces-for-chicken standbys: curries, fruit salsas, creamy mushroom, teriyaki. All easy-to-prepare and all perfect for weeknight or weekend meals.

Easy Red Curry
This is an easy and delicious curry to make, especially if your pantry is stocked with some of the typical Asian basics: coconut milk, fish sauce, and red curry paste (shown).

Mango Chile Salsa

We love this on just about anything! Grill up some chicken breasts and serve hot or cold. 

Tikka Masala 
A deliciously creamy, not-too-spicy, full of flavor curry.

This Japanese sauce (and cooking technique) is a quick and easy way to jazz up chicken. We love to add ginger and garlic for more depth and flavor.   

Chimichurri is a classic Argentine sauce. It's delicious on grilled meats and vegetables, and also makes a nice dipping sauce for bread. Can be stored in the refrigerators for several weeks.  

Creamy Mushroom
An all-time Julia Child favorite. All you need is mushrooms, white wine, butter and cream and you're all set!





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I love that photo! This is a great cross-cultural list.

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