Zucchini? No. Baby Zucchini.

July 20, 2010

Baby Zucchini

I am a sucker for tiny vegetables. I swoon when the adjective "baby" precedes the name of any vegetable at my farmers market. The pictured zucchini are no exception. I love how tender, flavorful, and quick-cooking these zucchini are. Before I started to be a bit more discerning and knowledgeable about produce, and how to cook it, zucchini to me was always watery and bland. This was probably because I was used to eating cooked zucchini that had sat in a steam tray for a cruel amount of time. (Anneka's post about cauliflower brought back similar bad vegetable memories.)

How to cook? I regret not having them raw, maybe thinly slicing them with my mandoline and making them into a salad with a drizzle of oil and simple seasoning. (Next time!) Instead I used my chef knife to cut them into fairly thin pieces, sautéed with olive oil and S&P. Done. I ate about half of them straight out of the pan, alternating bites with a sip of a zippy, vegetable-loving Sauvignon Blanc.

So how would you cook these baby zucchini?

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Jameson Fink is a wine buyer at a bustling grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. He moved to Seattle from Chicago (where he dabbled in the restaurant and wine industries) five years ago to pursue a full-time career in wine. He’d rather be drinking Champagne and eating popcorn right now.



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I cut them up into one inch cubes saute them in olive oil until they are a medium caramelization. Then ad a simple garlic seasoning with very little salt. Add type of onion to likeing of taste. I like to saute them in butter some times depends on my mood.

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Butter makes everything better! Thanks for chiming in.

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Question: After hard boiling an egg how do you get the shell off without losing most of the egg?

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