April 5, 2012

Traditional matzo brei is a simple dish that combines matzo with eggs and butter and is usually...

March 29, 2012

Passover is only a week away and this brisket should definitely be on the menu.  This cut...

March 24, 2012

This is great served as a side, topped over rice or noodles or even over a beautiful salad. With...

February 27, 2012

This is a delicious and easy way to cook up dinner. With Love, Catherine xo

January 28, 2012

This soup is hearty and delicious. With Love, Catherine xo

January 26, 2012

This is the ultimate burger! Filled with swiss cheese, topped with bacon, peppers and onions and...

January 25, 2012
grilled cheese

This green bean casserole grilled cheese from Cooking and Eating From Away is your favorite holiday...

November 23, 2011

A tangy, sweet, spicy tomato relish with Indian 5-Spice

November 16, 2011

I would classify this recipe as the American version of  French onion soup.  The base of...

November 7, 2011

A delicious and hearty cheddar broccoli soup. A soup recipe perfect for those cold fall days.

November 4, 2011

Easy Shrimp and Grits

October 26, 2011

 Due to damage from hurricane Irene, one Hudson Valley farm is auctioning off a very expensive...

October 18, 2011
baked potato

The best thing about a potato is that it can take on an array of flavors. Baked potatoes are one...

October 17, 2011

Balsamic roasted chanterelles, onions, and brussel sprouts is a spectacular autumn side dish that...

October 15, 2011

Adam J. Kurtz decided the world was missing someone eating an onion to Beyonce's "Single...

October 3, 2011

Nothing beats baked chicken. I think it’s the best way of cooking it! This recipe is a great way of...

September 17, 2011
World Record Onion

A man who has been trying for 25 years, has finally grown the world's heaviest onion. ...

September 9, 2011

Spicy, smoky sausages with sweet succulent caramelized onions on a warm toasty ciabatta. Why could...

August 21, 2011
chicken marsala

Try this classically delicious chicken dish for your Sunday dinner. Serve it with roast sweet...

August 18, 2011

This is a sweet tangy pepper onion pickle!