8 Mail-Order Foodie Gifts to Send This Year

May 21, 2020

Finding the right gift for someone you love is either incredibly easy or a challenge. Sometimes you might think of the perfect present off the top of your head because they mentioned wanting it recently. Other times, you need to sit down and think of what they'd love based on their personality and hobbies.

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People who love food can be the most challenging people to find gifts for, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of buying them another restaurant gift card, think about getting them new food to try. They might love something adventurous for their palate or a new twist on an old favorite snack.

Check out these eight mail-order foodie gifts to send this year. Whether they'll celebrate a birthday, holiday, or stand as a reminder of your love, these food delivery boxes present endless options for culinary adventures.

All the Snacks box

1. All the Snacks Box

Snacks are an irresistible part of any food fan's lifelong journey. They might go to different stores in their city to try every new bag of chips and popcorn available, but that limits them to what sells in their geographic location.

There are so many more snack brands and flavors to choose from, which is why many food enthusiasts turn to Mouth's All the Snacks box for their mail-order needs. Mouth fills their boxes with snacks from small businesses that make unique flavors for things like pretzels, nuts, cookies, and even popcorn. It's so popular that the company made nearly $55 million in 2018, sharing profits with their small-business partners. 

LeilaLove Macarons

2. LeilaLove Macarons Box

Calling all dessert lovers! Leilalove has the macaron box that will wow anyone with a sweet tooth. Each delivery comes with 10 flavors and fillings made with ingredients like fruit, chocolate, and coconut. They're fancy enough for people to call them a high-maintenance dessert, but their creative flavorings and dainty layers make them a continuously popular dessert amongst foodies.

Murray's Greatest Hits Cheese Box

3. Murray's Cheese Collection Box

Anyone who loves hosting cocktail parties or needs a nice snack every so often would love a Murray's Greatest Hits Cheese Collection box. Every shipment contains four kinds of cheese picked by experts from their New York headquarters. Their variety of creamy brie wedges and mouth-watering manchego rounds won them the best cheese prize from experts testing the latest online cheese delivery services.

GiftTree Fruit and Cookie Basket

4. GiftTree Fruit and Cookie Basket

Can't decide between sending something healthy and something indulgent? Check out GiftTree's Fruit and Cookie Basket. Every customer gets flavors like butter Madeline and cranberry oatmeal cookies, plus oranges, apples, and pears from the best orchards. It's all individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, which is one of the reasons people love the brand and the basket for themselves and their food-loving friends.

Jeni's Essentials Ice Cream Collection

5. Jeni's Essentials Ice Cream Collection

Everyone has a favorite brand or flavor of ice cream, but anyone who adores food knows it's fun to splurge on gourmet pints. Jeni's is a trendy brand that can ship all their top sellers to your loved one's front door. Each collection contains flavors like Gooey Butter Cake, Brambleberry Crisp and Salty Caramel. If you're worried about avoiding synthetic ingredients, Jeni's has your back. They always avoid corn syrup, dyes, and stabilizers when making any of their products.

Pony Express Beef Jerky Box

6. Pony Express Beef Jerky Gift Boxes

Beef jerky is the perfect snack when you're craving something spicy, smoky, or sweet. Skip the imported brands and get USA jerky when you check out Pony Express gift boxes that include both traditional jerky sticks and old-fashioned strips. Food fanatics will love flavors like smoking lava, applewood steak, and honey ham as they munch their way through their future beef jerky gift box.

Breakfast Basket

7. Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Basket

Everyone deserves to have something delicious for breakfast, so make it easy for your favorite foodie to whip up a gourmet Saturday buffet with the Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Basket. Each basket contains coffee, mixes for pancakes and waffles, syrup, jams, and even a cinnamon bun mix. It makes a ton of food, which is one of the reasons people send it to food-loving families or couples who want to enjoy leftovers.

Bean Box

8. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Delivery

Most people can't start their day without a cup of their favorite coffee, but it's nice to have a change of pace sometimes. Bean Box offers Gourmet Coffee Box Delivery for anyone looking to try 16 different flavors from around the world. As long as your loved one has a coffee grinder, they can spread out their coffee taste testing experience so they enjoy weeks of new roasting profiles.

Consider What They Enjoy

Unless your loved one is the type of person who will try anything, think about what they enjoy the most. What do they order at restaurants, stock in their pantry, or pile onto their plates at parties? With mail-order gifts like these to choose from, you can send your friends and family members an array of snacks, desserts, and even breakfast foods to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.