Seattle's Waterfront Dining Boasts Mountain Views and More

July 16, 2019

Miners Landing at Pier 57 in Seattle offers a day of fun on the waterfront. For food, you have lots of options, all under the guidance of Nick Novello. Nick is Director of Culinary Operations for the Crab Pot and Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar, along with other restaurants at the landing.

Seattle's Waterfront Miners Landing

We ate at the Crab Pot, and much enjoyed the Pacific Clambake Seafeast - this is not your typical seafood sampler! First, a large sheet of butcher paper is spread on the table and bibs tied around the necks of the guests. Then, a huge bowl of seafood and fixings is dumped on the table in front of you! It is a tantalizing mix of steamed clams and mussels (Penn Cove-Whidbey Island, WA), oysters (Deer Creek- Hood Canal-WA), Dungeness and snow crab (Kenai Alaska), salmon skewers, shrimp, Andouille sausage (sourced from Oak Harbor, WA), and corn on the cob. My favorite was the oysters and clams, which had a spicy kick from the sausage. My wife enjoyed the crab (mostly the pounding with the wooden hammer provided!). The feast was paired nicely with a refreshing Crab Pot Sangria - (see recipe below) - perfect for a hot summer day!

Seafeast Crab Boil

There is quite an assortment of Seafeasts to choose from, but if you’re not in the mood for a Seafeast, there are plenty of other seafood and burger options. Chef Nick’s experience goes back to working at his parent’s seafood restaurant in California as a teenager. Then Nick went on his own at the age of 19 in Skagway, Alaska. Nick knows seafood! 

Time to play tourist? Being longtime residents, sometimes we forget about the things to do in our backyard. We had a tough decision: Wings over Washington or the Seattle Great Wheel? We decided to buckle up for the Wings. The images and media are thrilling, and we even got some mist as we virtually traveled over the ocean and close up to Snoqualmie Falls. If you are a bit afraid of flying – a good mantra is “I have not left the ground” – because your eyes and your stomach will be telling you otherwise.

We will return perhaps with out of town guests or have another excellent play day in the city. Also on our next visit, we will save room for some ice cream at another one of Nick’s stores: Seattle Bay Creamy.

Seattle Skyline

For a little taste of the Seattle waterfront on your back porch, try the Crab Pot Sangria. Thanks to Nick for sharing this recipe.

Crab Pot Sangria

1 bottle   Inexpensive Red Wine (750 Ml)
¾ cups    Blood Orange Juice
½ cups    Triple Sec
⅓ cups    Lemon Juice
¼ cups    Creme De Cassis
¼ cups    Simple Syrup
2     whole Lemons (Sliced, reserve some For Garnish)
2     whole Limes (Sliced, reserve some For Garnish)
1     whole Orange (Sliced, reserve some For Garnish)

Best if mixed together and left in the refrigerator overnight. Serve over ice, with garnish and enjoy!

Editorial disclosure: Food was generously provided.


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