Seattle's Uneeda Burger: Serving Up Local Grass-Fed Beef and Spectacular Seasonal Sides

May 10, 2019

There have certainly been times in my life when I needed a burger. So our journey to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle ended up at Uneeda Burger. Owner Scott Staples opened his classic burger shack in 2011, taking over what used to be an auto repair shop. The restaurant is extremely family friendly and very popular with foodies on a budget.

As we walked in, I was struck with the laid back atmosphere. Seating was at wooden picnic tables, and the timber walls gave the place a lodge-like feeling. On the somewhat chilly day that we visited, most of the seating was inside, with a few tables out on a deck. On warmer days, they open up a couple of walls, so an entire section of the interior changes to the exterior!

Along with a tantalizing selection of signature burgers, made from local grass-fed beef, Uneeda has a great selection of wine, rotating (mostly local) craft beer taps, and artisan sodas. We started with a couple of beers. I had the Scuttlebutt Galeforce IPA, brewed in Everett WA. The Galeforce is lovely; hoppier than malty and with a subtle citrusy hint of grapefruit. Michael had the Kiwanda Cream Ale brewed by Pelican Bay Brewing Company in Oregon.  He found this light and refreshing.

Now – on to the burgers! The menu starts with the Classic Burger, a ¼ lb. patty with the standard toppings. There are also extras you can add – like cheese, bacon, or a fried egg. But our eyes were drawn to the Signature Burgers. Choosing from that list was a challenge. Should I go with the Caramelized Onion burger, with watercress and blue cheese? Or perhaps the Philly Smash with charred peppers, onions, gruyere, and a special sauce? I got to the end of the list – and there was the Medi-terra. As a lover of lamb that was my obvious choice. The juicy lamb burger is topped with charred peppers, onions, manchego, tempura lemons, arugula, and cilantro. The burger was a symphony of tastes, mingling together but not getting lost in each other. The manchego cheese with caramel and nutty flavor notes especially stood out.

Michael chose a burger off the seasonal list – the Elk Burger, and he loved it. With a lighter taste than beef, the elk burger was juicy and tender and with no gamy taste. He will await the return of this tasty burger!

For a side, we chose Fried Asparagus, which is prepared in a tempura style and served with a beautiful, slightly spicy dipping sauce. The coating was crispy, and the asparagus was tender. Uneeda makes their fried veggie sides on a seasonal basis – which is a great reason to visit regularly – you never know what veggie treat they’ll have on the menu.

 Fried Veggies

As if we hadn’t had plenty to eat, we were sorely tempted by the dessert menu, featuring Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream. Michael finished off his meal with a Strawberry Shake, and I had a Root Beer Float, made with artisan root beer. Both refreshing, delicious, and a great conclusion to a beautiful meal.

Uneeda Burger Shake

The next time you're craving a burger (and are in Seattle), head to Uneeda Burger, located on a quiet street with lots of street parking in Fremont. (Known locally as the “Center of the Universe.”)

Looking for the perfect summer side dish? Try this lovely salad courtesy of Uneeda Burger.

Golden Beet and Burrata Salad 

Roasted golden beets (pickled optional), ramps, spring green garlic, fresh shallots, sliced cherry tomato, chives, chervil and tarragon, extra virgin olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper served over sliced burrata.

Editorial disclosure: Food and beverages were generously provided by Uneeda Burger.