Get $30 Off Your First Online Farmers' Market Order with Figbo!

July 21, 2017

If you're in the Seattle area, Figbo, the online local farmers' market, is offering $30 off first-time orders! No monthly subscription required! Get started here.

With their new à la carte style order system you will now be able to choose fresh-from-the-farm produce, proteins, and fresh-from-the water seafood, as well as an exciting array of the artisanal cheeses, spreads, and other goodies only typically available at weekend farmers’ markets. The other very exciting component of the new and improved Figbo ecosystem is the availability of local beer, wine and cider! Whoohoo!

Now you will be able to order everything you need for a complete family meal online with no monthly subscription fee! Plus, it’s all delivered to your home or office for convenience. Best of all, the price point will be exactly what you would pay at the farmers market or grocery store. Absolutely no markups for the convenience of buying online, and having it delivered, just a modest delivery charge for any order under $20.

We've ordered beautiful cabbages, cucumbers, red spring onions, mixed salad greens with edible flowers, tender butter lettuces, and more and it all came fresh and crisp like we just bought it at the market!

We love this service and hope you do, too! But to make it all work, Figbo needs your help. For Figbo to continue to attract high quality vendors and keep their prices down, they need your help in sharing their message. The more customers they have, the more products they can add, which means the more we the customers and the farmers benefit!

So, please, enjoy the $30 off and pass the message along to 3-4 friends in the Seattle area, or share it out in your company internal groups. Everyone wants to eat healthier, now it’s even more convenient to do so! Twitter @FigboInc, Facebook @Figbo, and Instagram @FigboInc.

Help keep our local farmers in a position to provide us with fresh, healthy, local food! Go to and click Get Started. Once you've registered, use the code FOODISTA to get $30 off your first order!


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