Grilling 101: How To Make Easy Inside-Out Salmon Steaks

July 11, 2016

This easy technique for making salmon steaks will wow your guests. In just three easy steps you will have beautiful inside-out steaks that are easy to grill and are quite unique looking as well! You can do this technique with nearly any fish fillet, though larger fish like cod and halibut we think are too thick for this technique. Salmon has the perfect thickness for creating the perfect inside-out steaks.

First, gently run your fingers along the fillet and make sure there are no pin bones remaining. If so, carefully remove them with fish bone or regular tweezers.

Step 1:  cut your salmon fillet into equal portions about 3 inches wide.

Step 2:  cut through the flesh down the center to the skin, but do not cut through the skin.

Step 3:  fold the flesh like a book so that the skin part folds in half onto itself.

Now your steaks are ready for grilling! Season them as you desire and grill as you would a regular salmon steak. We seasoned ours with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and a light dusting of fennel pollen.