Boozy Delightful Drinks Just For Fun

April 3, 2016

Today's blog is all about fun for the big kids. While looking for something interesting to write about, I came across a list of incredibly tasty drinks-all with a boozy kick that makes them just for the grownups, but also have a decadent flavor. Now, you can offer a sweet treat to all your grown up friends, and they can feel like a kid again. Rich Hot Chocolate Floats, Blueberry Pancake Shakes, and Mint Tea Shakes with a hit of booze and smoothed out with cacao, makes your next party fun and extra special. If we can get behind anything, it's herbal tea steeped in Vodka for days. Check these out: 

Boozy Blueberry Pancake Milkshake

From Cookie Named Desire

Boozy Cacao Mint Tea Shakes

From Thirsty For Tea

Boozy Hot Chocolate Floats

From A Zesty Bite


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