Desserts For One - Cooking in A Mug

December 1, 2015

Mug cooking has become very popular lately and there is good reason that it has. A mug makes the perfect sized dessert, and it has a cozy handle to snuggle into your lap as you sit in front of the fire and read a good book. Truly creative, we love that mug desserts are diverse in flavors and yet all are easy enough to make in minutes. 

ON our farm, I am always looking for Gluten Free alternatives to many baked desserts. It's not always easy to make a full sized GF dessert when I am also making a gluten one for the rest of the family. Making a gluten free version in a mug means everyone enjoys their dessert. 

Mug desserts are also wonderful for sampling. When creating new recipes, it's not uncommon to try a dozen versions before hitting on the perfect combination of ingredients. Making mug sized portions means you can try many times and still have enough ingredients (and time) to come up with a winner. 

No matter what the reason, you should have a list of tasty mug desserts on hand for when the craving hits. It's quick and easy to whip something up in the middle of the night. Not than I would know anything about that. 

Chestnut Flour White Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate Fudge S'mores Microwave Mug Cake

Caramel Almond Mug Cake

5 Minute Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

Nutella Mug Cake with Oreo Cream Frosting



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