Barrell Whiskey: It is VERY intriguing!

June 16, 2015

I'm intrigued by high end, brown liquors.  One of the very most intriguing that I've tasted in recent memory is the Barrell Whiskey, Batch One.  

This may well be one of the best whiskies I've ever sipped. 

What this whiskey says to me is out of the ordinary, not like the others that clog the shelves in this price range. 


The Barrell Whiskey, #1 speaks through a carefully orchestrated series of tastes, some spicy, some hot, some sweet and of course- sophisticated. 

Taking used Bourbon barrels and adding a melange of flavors like rye, corn and malted barley - letting them rest for a period of time, then marrying them into something more akin to a well crafted bowl of soup takes experience.

Barrell Whiskey has solved this equation.  They are unique in the whiskey world because they make something that doesn't taste like the typical.  It does not try to imitate, nor postulate a known ending.

What Barrell Whiskey does to your palate is anyone's guess, but I just get thirsty when thinking about it.  I think about a Tongue Sandwich with Chopped Chicken Livers on Rye from my favorite Deli down in Newark, NJ... Hobby's Deli. 

Last week I spent a bit of time in the far reaches of my memory.  There was whiskey involved, certainly not as fine as what sits in front of me.

I'm pretty sure that whatever it was that passed my lips, well- let's just say that the quality level was nothing like pouring my own drink.  With my own bottle of Barrell Whiskey.

There are many misnomers in the world of brown sprits.  Some are good, some are ugly and some are way beyond the vividly imaginative.   That product made from ethyl alcohol with cinnamon flavoring comes to mind. 

That stuff is not what I want to be writing about.  So I won't!

Barrell Whiskey is not included in this veritable stew of incompetence that says cheap.  Because Barrell Whiskey is not cheap, but what it is for your hard earned dollar is of great value.  

It may well be the best whiskey I've ever tasted. 

No, it is not bourbon- why?  It's not aged in New American Oak.  They use once used oak that formerly held bourbon... that is for certain.  And it is not rye, why?  Because it is not 51% rye.  Nor is it 51% corn. So it cannot be called Straight Rye, nor Straight Bourbon.  It just doesn't fit the rules. 

But I really don't like to follow the rules.  They are certainly meant to be broken!

What this is- is something special.  And Barrell Whiskey begs the question.  Where may I get this exotic brown liquid?

Start here leafhopper  Drink up NY appears to have Barrell Whiskey.  And you really should tempt yourself with unctuous notes of brown butter and toasted honey coated nuts spun with sea salt, stone fruit gelee and wet stones. 

There is plenty of cornbread in each sip, along with the everpresent 122.5 heat. 

No, it is not meant to be cut with too much water, just a sprinkle will do please.  And if it is branchwater- well- all the better.

What is branchwater?  That stuff that bubbles up from the ground over there.  Protected spring if you will.  Or you can always buy it.  Old Limestone bottles what I consider to be the very best bottled water for whiskey.  It's soft, silky across the tongue and darnnit, it's authentic!


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