5 Absolutely Stunning Christmas Recipes

December 23, 2014

Holiday in the kitchen is finding the most delicious foods and serving friends and family with your loving skill. Some recipes take this to a whole new level and they are the most beautiful ones we have seen in a long time. Take a moment to look at these works of art. Then make one of them and enjoy the lovely results. 

Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cake

From Pureella

Artistic and amazing, this gingerbread Christmas cake is beautiful AND gluten free. It's a wonderful treat that anyone can enjoy. 


Mini Christmas Yule Log Cakes

From Gringalicious

This historic holiday dessert just got even more pretty. Check out how lovely these turned out. Why not take a few extra minutes and bring a bit of this classic holiday tradition to your table. 


Rosemary Pomegranate Syrup Champagne Cocktail

From Gluten Free Blondie

Start your celebration with this lovely cocktail that has the colors of of the holiday and the flavors that are both romantic and beautiful. So perfect. 


Black Forest Trifle

From Cinnamon Girl Delights

From romantic to kid friendly, trifle is a desert that is perfect for any occasion. This one is a beautiful recipe that would brighten up any holiday table.


Stone Gingerbread House

From Worth Pinning

Gingerbread houses are fun to make and always make a great impression. Sometimes  you find a gingerbread baker who makes the most amazing houses, they are too beautiful to eat. Check this out

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