Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey- for your Xmas list!

December 9, 2014

When I set out to find whiskies that were available around the country for Xmas giving, I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  My focus is mostly on the craft side of the business.  With craft comes distribution and not every company makes enough product to satisfy the heads (and stomachs) of everyone who wants to buy a bottle.  Fortunately the bottle that I have in front of me, Stranahan's is available around the country and also at DrinkupNY, but you can only buy one bottle at a time.  It's pretty exotic stuff and if you want it for Xmas, I'd get cracking soon!

The mouthfeel is unlike the corn and rye based whiskies that I've been pouring down my throat in vast quantities.  I find that whiskey heals my throat and my head, thus no unpleasant illnesses have reared their ugliness to me... SO FAR.   It must be the whiskey that I've been drinking.  After all, during PROHIBITION, every man, woman and child was permitted to have their doctor prescribe a pint of whiskey per week.  That's four pints (or more) per month!  No one got sick!

Stranahan's is made in a Scotch Style... from Barley!  It is distilled twice.  Once like Scotch in a combination still, the second time like bourbon in a column still like bourbon- unless a pot still is used, but that's another style for another day. 

Stranahan's makes me happy because it is easy to drink.  It's exactly the type of whiskey that I seek out, primarily because it's different!  

After the distillation the whiskey rests in heavily charred oak barrels for two years.  

During this time the whiskey matures and takes on a lovely golden color.  The whiskey is bright and aromatic.  Bold in your glass and it takes to cocktail experimentation easily.

It's not inexpensive and I realize you may not want to mix with it, but please trust me.  It takes to fresh juices like rum at a booze cruise.  Very easily. 

I'm enhralled by the floral nature of each slurp.  It's not Scotch.  Far from, but it is something unique and it reminds me of the moors at night.  Foggy... Dangerous and beguiling.  All at the same time.

The bottle is tall in the old fashioned style.  Upon opening the synthetic cork top, I'm greeted by notes of orange zest, orange marmalade and toasted cedar wood.  There is the burn lurking in the background tempting me to drink another sip.

Can I?  May I is more like it.  Yes.  I think I shall.  This is going to be a buzzy day.  Day drinking, my favorite task!

With a whiskey tasting glass and a measure of Stranahan's I cannot see anything wrong with spending my day in its embrace.

Stranahan's, yep... it's the good stuff:

Quite Dark after the Storm


6 oz. Cane Sugar Ginger Beer of your choice.  I used Q-Ginger Beer

2 oz. Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

.50 oz. lime juice

.50 oz. lemon juice

3-4 drops Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters


To a tall glass filled with ice:

Add the Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Add the juices

Top with the Ginger Beer

Drip 3-4 drops of the Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters over the top.