Kitchen Secrets Video: How to Cut Up a Chicken Part 2

December 2, 2014

In part 2 of this Kitchen Secrets episode follow Branden, Culinary Director at Staple & Fancy in Seattle, as he shows you how properly butcher a chicken into 8 pieces. It is easy to do at home once you know how it is done (not to mention buying whole chickens can save you $$$)! Now that you know how to remove the legs and thighs it's time to tackle the breasts. Branden shows us how to butcher up an airline breast (a breast with the fat part of the wing still attached). Once you know where the joints are, it's easy to do!

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Staple & Fancy is simple, Italian-inspired food and offers innovative à la carte staple choices in addition to a popular chef’s choice fancy menu. The latter is a multi-course feast of seasonal dishes crafted by the chef for each table. We really recommend that you relax and put your dining experience in our hands. 
Be sure to visit Staple & Fancy at its Ballard location! For more information visit their website

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