Canning Jar Desserts and Dishes That Taste Better In The Jar

October 7, 2014

Canning jars aren't just for putting up tomatoes (although we love them for just that reason.) Jars also make cute and sort of fancy holders for desserts as well. Who would love to eat their very own little pie in a jar? We think the following recipes are just the best way to enjoy canning jars after the canning season. So nice! 

Chicken Pot Pie in Jars

From Cooking With Jax

Here it is, the perfect vessel so that you get all the chicken pot pie crust you need in every serving. We can't be the only ones who eat a piece of traditional chicken pie and feel that the amount of crust leaves us wanting. Now the entire pie is surrounded by flaky, buttery crust. You are very, very welcome. 



Chili Pie and Cornbread

From Busy In Brooklyn

Spicy and topped with the best sides ever; melty cheddar cheese and moist delicious corn bread. Everyone gets their own serving and we couldn't be happier! Fun. 


Raspberry Blueberry Rhubarb Pie in a Jar

From Bakeaholicmama

Such a delightful way to end a county meal, these pies in a jar are adorable and almost too good to be true. We want to nibble the pie crust off of each one! 

Homemade Preserved Lemons

From Dabbles and Babbles

Ok, so this isn't officially a dessert or a stand alone dish, but come ON! It's gorgeous, tasty, useful, and just different enough to seal your fate as the most fabulous foodie that your friends have. 


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