How to Make Perfectly Cooked Soft Boiled Eggs Every Time

October 3, 2014

When I was a kid my mom would make us perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs topped with a tiny lump of butter and served in adorable egg cups. She’d carefully slice the tops off of the eggs and place one each onto our plates. Oh, how I loved to scoop out the little disk of egg - ever so lightly seasoned with a pinch of salt, white pepper and melted butter - with my tiny spoon! I’d then move on to the egg cup, which usually featured Peter Rabbit or some other Beatrix Potter character. I’d dip my buttery toast soldiers into the velvety smooth yolk, trying unsuccessfully with those first few delicate dunks to prevent an overflow. The yolks were precious.

Now I’m the mom making egg cups (served in my childhood cups) and toast soldiers. It has dawned on me that my mom had some serious egg cooking skills. A perfectly cooked egg can be tricky thing. Nothing is more disappointing than cracking open your precious egg only to find a hard center! Setting a timer works, but that requires you to watch the pot and start the clock once the water comes to a boil (and we all know what happens when you watch a pot!).

Today I tried out the Taylor Egg Timer (only $4.99 at Target). It’s a cute little egg-shaped timer that changes color according to the eggs’ doneness. It’s easy to read and the eggs came out beautifully! Each and every time.

How to Use:

Simply fill a pot with room temperature water and place eggs and timer into the pot (for best results use fresh eggs).

Turn on the heat and bring water to a slow boil for best color change results.

Watch for desired color change to Soft, Medium or Hard. The color will change at the outside of the egg timer first.

When done, remove eggs from heat and cool immediately in ice water for about 15 seconds to stop the cooking process. Do not cool the egg timer with the eggs as it can be damaged in cold water.

Sheri's Childhood Egg Cups
Makes 4 servings

4 fresh eggs
4 pieces bread
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook eggs to your desired doneness according to the Taylor Egg Timer.

While eggs are cooking toast bread. When done, butter and slice lengthways into 1/2-inch wide strips.

Using a sharp knife, carefully slice tops off of each.

Place each egg in an egg cup and top with a little chunk of butter. Place an egg top (also with a piece of butter on top) on a plate along with the toast soldiers.

Season eggs with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Editorial disclosure: We received a Taylor egg timer in exchange for our honest review.