Healthy Raw Blueberry Pie Recipes

August 18, 2014

Blueberries are ready to pick here in Maine. Everywhere you drive, there are signs saying "Rakers Wanted." This refers to the technique used to harvest the tiny berries. A handheld scoop with long, fine teeth across the front, allows the raker to scoop through the blueberry bushes and rake out the berries. It's hard work that is steeped in the rich history of Maine. 

Blueberry pies come in two types up here; Cooked and raw. Both are delicious tasting, and both have their own fan club. Today, we share some raw blueberry pie recipes that go a little off the beaten path. One pie features chocolate and salted berries, while another contains blended berries and coconut, while the last one is a combination of cooked berries and raw together. Any way you look at it, these blueberries are to die for. Check them out! 

No Bake Blueberry Cream Pie

From Healthful Pursuits

With the natural sweetness of blueberries and the smooth creaminess of coconut, this raw berry pie is amazing. 

Raw Salted Blueberry Chocolate Pie

From Will Frolic For Food

The only thing better than a bite of blueberry pie is a bite of blueberry chocolate pie with a hint of sea salt. Yes, we said it. Berries and chocolate are the best ingredients.

Fresh Blueberry Pie

From Baked Bree

This pie combines the creaminess of a gently cooked blueberry filling, with fresh, raw berries that burst in your mouth with every bite. It's fantastic! 


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