Back to School Banana Pudding

July 28, 2014

As August nears, parents begin to think about back to school clothes and after school snacks.  Packing your child a proper school lunch is easier than you think.  You are no longer confined to bologna sandwiches or snack cakes.  Get creative with their lunches as you would any other home cooked meal.  The key to keeping your kids interested in a packed lunch is to prepare interesting meals.  This does not necessarily mean elaborate but merely exposing them to a variety of dishes with some of their favorites mixed in.  Also, remember to have fun with their meals by ensuring that there are bright colors and unique shapes like an edamame hummus and turkey sandwich cut into the shape of a star.  

It's no surprise that kids love sweets and a lunch time treat is often part of the meal.  Opt for homemade desserts as opposed to store-bought ones because you can control the ingredients, especially the sugar, when you do it yourself.  A perfect example is banana pudding.  Homemade banana pudding can include fresh banana slices mixed with a small amount of custard as opposed to a pre-packaged sugar soaked pudding cup. With these tips in mind your kids will welcome the homemade touch in their brown bag.

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