Epic 4th of July Boozy Drinks

July 3, 2014

The Sparkler

From BB ala Carte

A fizzy, boozy delight, with plenty of fresh blueberry taste, this is the drink that will get your party going! We love that it's simple enough to make, using our friend; Blueberry Vodka, and still has that funky fun from the PopRocks around the rim. It's truly an explosion of taste from the first sip. Delightful! 

4th of July Layered Drink (non alcoholic if desired)

From Simple Sweetness

The trick to beautiful layered drinks is the sugar. Different levels of sugar means that the layers, when poured gently, don't combine. This means fun for a party, and how beautiful are the results! We think it's only fair to have something awesome for the kids to enjoy, and this recipe is way more exciting than simple Koolaid. What a sweet celebration of the holiday weekend! 

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