Quick and Easy Mother's Day Breakfasts Kids Can Make

May 9, 2014

What mom wouldn't appreciate a breakfast in bed, served by little kids in cute pajamas? If you have small but enthusiastic children who want to make mom a special Mother's Day breakfast, do yourself a favor and have them make one of these treats. While you are at it, trace their hand on a piece of paper and add a few X's and O's. Voila! You have the perfect Mother's Day experience.

Smoothie - If your child can push the on/off button, they can make a smoothie. These are such relaxed recipes, that a little more of this or that ingredient wont hurt a thing. Great for kids as young as 18 months to make (of course this assumes Dad is helping every step of the way).

Banana dog - Yum! These might become a family favorite, and they really do taste great.

Egg in a cup - Not to keep after you to eat those eggs, but how fast and easy can breakfast get? Kids love to mix up all the bits to make this their own special recipe.

Happy Toast Face - I know, it seems like a no brainer, but wait until you see how proud your preschooler is when he presents a portrait of mom, made of toast and raisins!

Yogurt Parfait - Yes, it is healthy with a dessert name, but no mother I know would say no to this recipe, served in a tall glass; or a Disney themed plate for that matter.

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