Chris Hemsworth Reveals Movie Diet Secrets

October 21, 2013

Chris Hemsworth has been a pretty busy guy, starring in big blockbuster movies like Thor and Rush. However, starring in those films also meant having to bulk up and slim down pretty quickly for his varying roles. 

"You kind of feel like a professional athlete at times -- it becomes so much about that," Hemsworth said. "But to be able to have learnt this much about health and fitness is an advantage. And I've always done it in a healthy way." 

For Hemsworth, changing his body weight meant changing his intake of protein and vegetables. 

"They're extremes I guess, but it's either by eating a lot of vegetables and minimal protein, or lots of protein and lots of vegetables." 

And while the actor may appear fairly disciplined, that doesn't mean he hasn't had his moments of weakness. 

"I have a pretty disciplined sort of attitude, but not eating chocolate and pizza and hamburgers and all the things you want to jump into has been something I've had to [work on]," he revealed. 

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