8 Healthy Herbs and Spices

May 13, 2013

Herbs and spices might contribute to your overall health. Gourmandia put together the below infographic to outline 8 of the healthiest herbs and spices, and how they can benefit your body. 

Ginger, for example, is well known for helping upset stomachs. But did you know it can also help fight arthritis pain? Cinnamon is great for stabilizing your sugar levels, parsley can inhibit breast cancer cell growth and rosemary can help fight food borne illnesses and helps your mind focus. 

Learn more about healthy herbs and spices in the infographic below! 

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Andrea's picture

Hi Rosemina,

I am writing to comment on two things - one, I love the graphic but it's just a bit hard to read! Is there a larger version somewhere?

Also, you wrote:

"Herbs and spices might contribute to your overall health."

That made me laugh. What an understatement that would be when applied to me! I've used them regularly now because I've had so much health improvement. Now it's part of my regular intake and I consider herbs & spices as food, and my medicine... as Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

I get mine organically from http://maisonterre.net/ and have been so pleased with being able to create my own medicinal and highly effective teas and meals to enhance my health.

So although I know it's hard to walk that fine line of being politically correct and not offend Big Pharma, get a little bolder and tell the truth. I'll say it: Herbs and Spices WILL contribute positively to your overall health and well being! ;-)