Easy Sous-Vide at Home: Steak with Butter and Thyme

February 28, 2013

There's nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak, one that is just the right interior temperature. That can often be difficult to achieve. But with sous-vide (cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath for a long period of time), any type of meat can easily come out perfect every time. While cooking sous-vide is not the fastest method, it's definitely easy - easier than you'd think! Watch the video below from ChefSteps on how to sous-vide the perfect steak, then finish it with a nice searing in the frying pan with some butter and fresh thyme.

Want to learn how to sous-vide at home? Here's a tutorial from ChefSteps that will allow you to do entry level sous-vide with all the equipment you already have laying around the house. All you'll need to is a Ziplock bag, a pot, and a thermometer! Also, check out the ChefSteps forums. They're a great place to ask questions and share recipes.