Fergie and Voli Light Vodkas Celebrate Valentine's Day with Low-Cal Cocktails

February 13, 2013

Fergie has partnered with Voli Light Vodkas to create her own cocktails, all under 100-calories. With less calories and sugar all around, these cocktails make for a great addition to your Valentine's Day! Have the cocktails you like, without breaking your diet. Voli has also partnered with Fitness Magazine and Crunch Fitness for Heart Healthy Month (February). The vodka company is holding a sweepstakes and also educating people on how to make their favorite cocktails a little healthier

Check out a few recipes from Voli Light Vodkas below! 

Island Oasis
1 1/2 oz Voli Mango Coconut
6 bluberries
2 Strawberries
1 oz Sweet and Sour Lite
1 oz Light orange juice
Glass: Highball
Garnish Skewered blueberries and strawberries
Method: Muddle fruit, add all ingredients together and stir
Approx. Calories: 94

1 1/2 oz Voli Original
Watermelon chunks
Splash of Lemon Juice
Glass: Martini
Method: Muddle, shake, serve up
Approx. Calories: 85

1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte Vodka
1 oz Fresh lime juice
1 oz Cranberry juice
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Sugar and orange peel
Method: Shake and strain
Approx. Calories: 82