The Atomic Fallout Burger Will Induce Heartburn

December 4, 2012

In Bristol, U.K., restaurant Atomic Burger has produced the Atomic Fallout Burger; a burger so hot, it will indefinitely cause heartburn. The burger is not just a meal you can order, but rather a challenge, the Fallout Challenge to be exact. The customers must finish their plate in less than 60 minutes, and if successful, will be placed on the Wall of Flame and receive a t-shirt.

But before you sign up just yet, the burger is quite large, 18 oz. of beef, 18 oz. of cheese, topped with the ghost chile and the Scotch bonnet, served with triple the portion of chili fries. And in addition to its gigantic serving, according to the Atomic Burger website, you must be over 18 years old, wear protective gloves, sign a waiver and "LOVE CHILLI."

Jess James Farmer, a Hall of Flame legend, described his time battling heartburn in the Fallout Challenge:

"It’s a constant burn, the heat intensifies with every mouthful, each bite is like an inferno in your mouth. Even the chips are hot, covered in chilli flakes and spices but compared to the burger the chips are a relief. It is ridiculously hot but it’s still tasty, the heat doesn’t ruin the other flavours in the burger."


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