Antique Taco Dresses Up as Saved By the Bell's 'The Max' for Halloween

October 31, 2012

Lulu Cafe in Chicago began their own Halloween tradition by dressing up as other restaurants. This year, Antique Taco decided to join in on the festivities and might have just won for best restaurant Halloween costume. Antique Taco dressed up as The Max, the afterschool hangout made famous by Zack Morris and friends from Saved By The Bell.

Antique Taco's restaurant costume involved a red booth, a juke box and a neon sign that says 'The Max,' not unlike the one from the show. They spent the day serving customers burgers and fries in baskets with checkered paper. Each of the menu items for the day were named after characters from Saved By The Bell -- Jessie is a vegetarian Portobello burger and Screech is a basket of curly fries. The staff even got into the spirit of things by dressing up as characters from the show. 

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