Wegmans Recall Foods Containing Gills Onions

July 30, 2012

The Gills Onion recall continues to spread across the country, as Wegmans recalls an assortments of their chilled prepared foods containing  Gills diced onions, due to the potential for Listeria contamination. The recall is in 3 Pennsylvania stores only, and the affected products are: 


Available on the self-serve Fresh Foods, Veggie, or Homestyle Cold Bars:
           Uncooked chopped/diced white onions
           Southwest Chilled Stew with Red and White Beans

Available packaged in the Cold Prepared Foods Case (ready to cook at home):
           Wegmans Veggie Pizza, large 56 oz.  16 inch  UPC 23771701399
           Wegmans Veggie Pizza, medium 28 oz. 12 inch  UPC 23771100999
Available through special order only (deli catering):
           Wingless Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip, 32 oz.  UPC 21783202199
           Crab/Pepper Jack Dip, 32 oz.  UPC 21784002199

The affected products were sold only at the following Wegmans store locations during the periods listed.  No other Wegmans stores are affected by this recall:
Downingtown, PA (7/11 through 7/26/12)
Collegeville, PA (7/18 through 7/26/12)
Allentown, PA (7/19 through 7/26/12)
The onions are a product of Gill Onions, LLC, which initiated a recall of the onions on July 18, and were supplied to Wegmans by Primo Produce of Allentown, PA.
Consumers who may still have these products in their refrigerator or freezer should discard them and return to the service desk for a refund. If consumers have additional questions or concerns, please contact Wegmans at (800) 934-6267, and ask for consumer affairs, M – F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
For more on the Gills Onion Recall, see: 

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