Pink's Post-Pregnancy Diet

July 23, 2012

Pink lost 55 pounds this past year, after giving birth to her daughter Willow Sage. The singer admits she didn't realize just how much her body would change during her pregnancy. 

"I thought I'd feel like a goddess," Pink said. "They sell you on that sh*t, like you'll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess, but I kind of enjoyed that too. Hell, yeah, I gained 55 pounds. I think my baby may be part cheesecake." 

Pink follows a mostly vegetarian diet, but allows herself chicken and fish on occasion. Her workouts consist of an hour of cardio and an hour of strength training or yoga. 

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She looks great!! I followed a similiar routine as Pink once I had my child however instead of a vegetarian diet (i like my meat!!!) I started using and was able to get back done to my pre-baby weight and then some!! I started to being able to buy the same size jeans I wore in college again! I highly recommend this diet to any new moms looking to get their body back in a healthy way.