Steve Carell Would 'Eat So Much Crap' If It Was The End Of The World

June 23, 2012

Steve Carell's newest movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World begs the question, 'What would you do if the end of the world was upon us?' Well, Steve Carell said he would eat... a lot. 

Carell recently told interviewers that he would probably be eating a pizza if as asteroid was about to hit Earth. However, the actor is realistic about the types of food that would be available to him if it really was the end of the world -- Carell says he'd like to have a meal at a nice restaurant, but he'd settle for whatever he could find. 

"Of course, then you start thinking, well, is anything going to be open? You know, I'd love to go to a great restaurant, have a wonderful meal. Yeah, like they're going to stay there, in order to serve me a wonderful meal," Carell said. "I would eat so much crap if I knew that we just had a couple of weeks left. I just want deep-fried. I want pasta. I'm going to carbo-load for doomsday." 

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