Op Ed: How About A National Real Meal Day

March 2, 2012

Recently, I have discovered that there is a national food holiday for every day of the year. This got me thinking. Although I love to celebrate food in any way that I can (hello? food blogger!), I would love to see a holiday that promotes a whole day of eating food that contains only ingredients that you can pronounce. 

How about a National Real Meal Day? Let's choose one day a year, and eat food that is NOT from a bag, box or vending machine. 

Don't over stress yourself. There are no rules about organic, local, grassfed, vegan, artisan or fancy. Just put plates on the table, and cut up something to eat! 

Why not? We certainly beat ourselves up over every bite our family eats the rest of the year. Consider it a day off from self flagellation! 

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